Member Services

How can we help?

Your member services team is the 1st line of communication for members that reach out via, Yelp, Facebook, Google, and contact requests. Our team must be kept in the know for anything that may affect a member. This includes promotions, maintenance issues, impending storms, fitness events, policy changes, membership changes, etc.! 

We are also the last line of communication for members when they may have an issue that needs to be addressed or escalated beyond a District Manager. 

Contact Info: [email protected] or by phone at 619-780-0141 extension 1(for Chuze employee use only – NOT for members).

Member Grievance Escalation

You may run into situations that involve angry, agitated, worried, and sometimes hostile members. Our duty as Chuze Fitness representatives is to listenapologizeand take appropriate action to remedy the situation to the best of our abilityEvery case is different, and the safety of our employees and members always takes precedence. 

How to escalate a situation?

Team Member > Supervisor > AGM or GM > DM > Member Services

If a team member cannot assist the member or a member requests to speak with someone else, the next step is to turn the problem over to a Supervisor. From there, depending upon the situation and availability, the situation should be turned over to the Assistant Manager or General Manager. The goal for the Manager is to diffuse the majority of all problems as they are the highest authority at the club. Significantly few situations should go above the management team. The next step is for the GM to hand off the issue to the District Manager. If necessary, the DM can then escalate the problem to Member Services.


*In all situations, please remember to notate member accounts with all the details. The detailed notes allow us to see what has been happening along the way and back up the team where we can! ( See Notating Member Accounts/Member Alerts)


If you believe your safety is in jeopardy or that the member in question may retaliate to cause harm, please also alert [email protected]There may be additional resources that can be put in place.

Corporate Accounts

Some of these partnerships have been set since day one! 

Please pay close attention to the offer as many of them vary slightly. Aside from waiving the start-up fee or whatever the offer is, the only other particular procedure you must follow is adding their group name during the sign-up process. See the corporate data track example >



If a check refund is needed to be sent to a member, please email [email protected] the following: 

Member Name: 

Member Agreement Number: 

Total Amount 

Amount Breakdown: Please include a breakdown or description of what the amount is. This is important for accounting that categorizes each item separately.  

For example:  

Total refund: $89.98 

This is a breakdown of… 

Enrollment Fee: $69.00 

Basic Monthly dues: $9.99 x 2 months 

Address: Please be sure to verify with the member that their address is current and correct. Far too often members relocate and their address in many cases isn’t updated on file.

On occasion, the club may receive a packet of documentation that is hand-delivered by a representative that requires a signature upon receiving. The packet may say, “Request for Records” or “Subpoena Duces Tecum”. These are important time-sensitive documents that need to be scanned and emailed to [email protected].

If a check is with the documents, please mail it to the home office and notify to be on the lookout. Do not deposit the check. If you are ever unsure, please ask us for help. Member Services is your point of contact.

Membership Revoke Policy

Revoking a gym membership is an unfortunate situation that sometimes occurs for the betterment and safety of our employees and other members. While each case is different, we want to remind you that the member services team is here to guide you through the process. For assistance, please get in touch with us before issuing the revocation/ban. Your District Manager should also be kept in the know and may require that you consult with them before issuing the ban. 

If you do not need our guidance, you are welcome to revoke the membership, but please notify us via email as soon as you issue the ban. This will keep us on alert if the disgruntled member reaches out. 

If you believe your safety is in jeopardy or that the member in question may retaliate to cause harm, please also alert [email protected]There may be additional resources that can be put in place.

Please be professional with your notations. Do not include emotional statements, emojis, or exclamation points. Be detailed, but keep everything clean and factual. On occasion, when we receive a subpoena for member records, we have to submit the member’s agreement, notes, billing history, check-in history, and any other forms on file. That makes this even more important as member notes are often used in court for a variety of reasons. Please end every note with your first name, last initial, and 4 digit club number. This is especially important for tracking as well if staff work at multiple clubs.  


Don’t Do This“Member screamed through the phone and said we suck. They are always mean and give dirty looks every day when they’re here.” 


More like this: “This individual called and was agitated due to their annual fee getting drafted. I informed him/her of our policies and apologized for any confusion. He/She remained agitated and shouted expletives through the phone. There have been additional occasions where he/she has come in and made the team uncomfortable with inappropriate expressions towards the staff.” (AndrewU 5585) 

Corporate Accounts : Select their organization/company name from the “Group” drop-down.