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HR Essentials


As a manager, you are an extension of HR. Once you know something, Chuze knows. All investigations, incidents and HR matters must be kept confidential. This means friends, family, staff and other managers too!


Employees in a supervisory role that enter into a relationship (more than friends) with another employee MUST sign a Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA). Let HR know ASAP so we can act promptly to protect employees and Chuze! Relationships between managers and their direct reports are strictly prohibited.

Hires that need HR approval

All rehires, anyone related to or in a relationship with a current employee, or close friends of a current employee, if either the new hire or the current employee would supervise the other..

Rest and meal breaks

Rest & lunch breaks are important! For every 4 hours worked, an employee must take a 10 minute, paid rest period. Managers can say when, not where that break is taken, other than not on the gym floor. For every 5 hours worked, an employee must take a 30 minute unpaid, uninterrupted lunch break. Managers can say when lunches should be taken. Lunch waiver only applies between 5 & 6 hours. It does not waive or delay lunch for a shift over 6 hours.

Working Off the Clock

Hourly employees CANNOT work off the clock. This includes any hourly managers. IF an hourly employee does happen to perform work while off the clock, that time must be paid to them. Add the hours to their timecard! If that time worked was not pre-approved, their manager may need to have a conversation with them about expectations.

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