Free Chuze Fitness Membership and More

  • All Chuze employees get a Complimentary Employee Gym Membership that includes:
    • Access to ALL Chuze Locations
    • Access to all equipment, Turf Training Area, Express Circuit, Group Exercise Class and more.
    • Chuze Cinema
    • Tanning
    • Hydro Massage
    • Infrared Sauna
    • Steam Room
    • Unlimited Guest Privileges
    • Unlimited Team Training
    • Limitations: When utilizing amenities (such as a GroupX class or Team Training session), we ask that you give up your spot in the event that the class/sessions has reached capacity.
  • You also receive 30% off of drinks (excluding Chuze Blends Smoothies) and bars at the gym and retail online! Chuze Fitness Shop!

Life Assistance Program

Whether your needs are big or small, your Life Assistance & Work/Life Support Program is there for you.
24/7 Support for anything that life throws your way.

Discount Program

LifeMart, employee discount program, makes everyday life a little more affordable and a lot more fun — with discounts from brands you know and love. Access this discount program from your ADP home page.

Pet Insurance

Why CHUZE the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Plan for your Pet?

At Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, they make it easy for you to care for your pet and easier on both of you if your pet has an unexpected illness or injury. 

Chuze Fitness is excited to announce that we have partnered with Healthy Paws to offer employees pet insurance at a group discounted rate. If you would like to enroll your pet, follow the link provided below. You will be asked to provide information about your pet to receive a quote; in order to enroll, you will use your credit or debit card for Healthy Paws to bill you directly on a monthly basis.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Time off programs

Chuze offers a wide variety of Paid Time Off programs to help employees with their work-life balance.  Examples of some paid time-off programs we offer are Vacation, and Paid Sick Leave.  Please note that some eligibility and geographical requirements must be met for certain time-off programs.  Always refer to our employee handbook for more detailed provisions of our time-off programs.  You can always reach out to [email protected] with any questions!