Chuze Fitness offers a variety of benefits designed to meet the needs of our employees.  From our health and welfare plan offerings to our Paid Time Off benefits to our retirement plans, we are committed to providing benefits that support you through every stage of your career at Chuze.

The Chuze Benefits Team is here to support you with anything BENEFITS!  We can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 858-769-2590

Check out our FAQs below and all other benefit offerings!


Chuze offers a variety of benefits from insurance (medical, dental, vision, hospital and accident, life, and short-term disability), paid vacation time, retirement planning and many other additional perks and discounts. Please visit the all the benefits tabs to learn more about each benefit.

Eligibility requirements are different for each program.  Many benefit offerings are dependent on an employee’s full-time status, ACA full-time status and/or how long they have worked at Chuze.  Employees who are eligible for our health and welfare benefits enroll online via ADP.  An eligibility email is emailed before or during their enrollment period and will include plan information as well as enrollment instructions. 

Employees who are eligible for our retirement plan, enroll online via our 401k provider – participant portal.  An eligibility email is sent to them once they become eligible and includes retirement planning information as well as enrollment instructions.


Eligibility and enrollment requirements are specified under our Health and Welfare and 401K Retirement Planning page.  If you have questions about your eligibility status or about the enrollment process, please contact your leadership team or [email protected].

You can enroll in benefits during the following:

  • Within 30 days of your hire date as a full-time employee
  • Within 30 days of your status change to full-time
  • During the annual Open Enrollment period
  • Within 30 days of a qualifying life or family status event (applies only to certain changes)


Coverage will start after the following:

  • Insurance plans selected during your New Hire window will be effective 1st of the month following 60 days of employment.
  • Selections made during Open Enrollment are effective on September 1st of that plan year. 
  • Coverage effective dates for mid-year entries due to Qualifying Events vary. 

Qualifying life events (QLE) are those situations that cause a change in your life that influences your health insurance options or requirements.

Following IRS regulations, you can make changes to your benefits that are consistent with your life or family status change within 30 days of the date that the status change occurred. If you miss the 30-day enrollment period, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment to make changes. 

Examples of Qualifying Life Event:

  • Change in position status (part-time to full-time, or full-time to part-time)
  • Loss of existing coverage elsewhere
  • Losing eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP
  • Turning 26 and losing coverage through parent’s plan
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Having a baby or adopting a child
  • Death in the family

Qualifying Life Events are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and require documentation related to the QLE.


Please see the Health and Welfare page > Qualifying Life Event (QLE) section for more information.  


Premium payments will be deducted automatically from your bi-weekly paycheck.  Missed premium deductions will be added to your next paycheck.

If you are on an LOA and choose not to return to work, any owed benefit premiums will be deducted from your final pay. 


Questions about Chuze Benefits? Please reach out, we are here to help!​