February 2019 – Why Presentation

Ryan Jones, Member

Two years ago, I stood on the edge of my window deciding if I wanted to be alive anymore.  I was 254 lbs, angry at the world, and hated everything about myself. It was a time when I had nothing in my life to hope for and only myself to blame for it.  Little did they know, I was the most depressed I had ever been and honestly had no desire to even be alive anymore. The Chuze Family took part in saving my life that day.  They are the reason I am now the happiest I’ve ever been. 

I went from being 254 lbs, angry at the world, and hating myself – to a healthy 200 lbs, ambitious to serve this world, and at peace with who I am. That lost twenty-something who lacked any sort of motivation and direction became committed to finding the best version of himself and living out his purpose.  I won’t sit here and sugarcoat it either… it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I did it, and I have the Chuze family to thank for it.  So, without rambling on too much more, I’d like to personally thank you all for doing what you do. It may seem like you’re just showing up to work at a gym, but little do you know, you are changing someone’s life and giving them a reason to keep on living.  I know this to be true because you did it for me.

I’m forever grateful that I ‘stumbled into Chuze Fitness that day. It has truly made all the difference.