Chuze Press June 2021

What does a sprinter eat before the race? (answer below)

Joke of the day, by Steph Paulson

Club Updates

  • Kids Club opened in Broomfield, Colorado on MONDAY 6/7! 
  • Kids Club opened in Cudahy, California on TUESDAY 6/8!
  • COVID restrictions are steadily being lifted. Occupancy rates continue to increase across the company, and Chuze Colorado and Chuze Arizona clubs have moved to masks being optional for both members and employees. These changes are due, in part, to increased vaccination rates across the country.  The light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter every day! ? 

What’s happened this month.

  • Chuze knows how important it is to find the right life-work balance and that it can differ from person to person. We encourage you to find and prioritize your ‘balance’. Some tips from your leaders on how they make themselves a priority? Exercise. Walking the dogs. Not checking emails first thing in the morning. How do you keep your balance? 
  • Our celebration of PRIDE continues throughout the month…check out all the ways we’re celebrating on social and feel free to like, comment and share the #ChuzeLove! 
  • Our limited edition Chuze Love Pride 2021 shirts are available for purchase online through July 31st. Use your employee discount for 30% off! 
  • On June 19th, Chuze will participate in Juneteenth awareness and celebration with the release of a Chuze Blog interview between Farel Hruska, Director of Culture and Education, and Chelsia Janise, AGM of Chuze San Bernardino. The interview will also feature a video series of some of our amazing Black employees in celebration of Black Excellence, with interviews done by Chelsia. 
  • Are you a cycling fan? You can join our members in the Tour de Chuze Cycling Challenge, June 26th – July 18th. There will be live and virtual classes and raffle prizes! Calendar to come soon. 
  • Call out to our Chuze dads out there! This Father’s day (June 19th), join our Curls and Caffeine Event. Dads and Father-figures who get their workouts on get a free Java Jolt smoothie!
You’re great, and we think your friends are great! As you know, at Chuze we are a human-first company and we know how important it is to hire great people so Chuze remains a place like no other. What better way to grow the Chuze Fam than through referrals from YOU! Share this link with your friends to get them started.

What we’re working on.

  • Construction starts in July on our new Loveland, Colorado location! Let’s go, growth mode! 
  • Stay Tuned for the remaining Kids Club Reopening Dates. They’re coming soon!
  • Kids Club and Ops are hiring, spread the word! 
  • The first ever Chuze Fitness Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Alliance is almost complete with invitees accepting their admission to the alliance this month…Roundtable conversations will begin in July!
  • A Revamped New Hire Training Journey will be rolled out soon! And we’re working on an onboarding, training, and development program for Supervisors, AGMs and GMs!

Nothing, because they fast!  LOL!

Joke of the day, by Steph Paulson

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