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Septemeber 2021 – HR Topic

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But we are coming to you with a topic near and dear to us…changing our mindset when it comes to coaching. Read below for some tips and ideas to shift your mindset when it comes to your teams.

“Chuze Kindness!” “Be Chuze-y.” The 3 C’s. We are serious about what we are putting out into the world with our brand. But, holding our teams accountable and the documentation that goes along with that hasn’t always reinforced this value.

The transition started with the use of the Coach Up, creating a partnership and a road map for managers and their employees to work together to improve behavior and performance. HR began leading Coach Up workshops to give tips and insight into how to use these as a tool to encourage instead of discourage. Small tweaks to our language, our delivery and OUR MINDSETS can make all the difference in the changes you see and the reception you get from your coaching sessions. We also released an “Upstanding Performance” document to truly highlight the good stuff too, and celebrate when we are embracing the Chuze spirit.

We want to challenge each and every leader in our company to replace the thought of “do I have enough documentation to separate” with “have I done all I can to help this person be successful?”

Will you accept the challenge and be part of the change?



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